Drew Phillips
February 23, 2011

Getting enough fuel to the cylinders was the next priority, and Voss Performance made sure the Three-Valve would never be lacking. In went a trio of fuel pumps from the Ford GT supercar, and fuel lines and rails from Fore Precision. The engine modifications were topped off with JBA ceramic-coated Shorty headers; an AFCO heat exchanger with dual cooling fans; a Fluidyne aluminum radiator; and a Meziere electric water pump.

Voss Performance made sure Steve's Mustang was up to the task of delivering more than 600 hp at the wheels. A Tremec TR6060 six-speed replaced the factory five-speed transmission, and a McLeod RXT twin-disc organic unit supplanted the stock clutch. Voss also installed a custom one-piece, steel driveshaft; an Eaton TrueTrac differential; Superior 31-spline chrome-moly axles; and 3.90 gears.

At this point, Steve shipped his Mustang over to Billy Rollins of Vendicated Tuning of Modesto, California, for final tuning. Rollins wrote a custom tune from scratch for the car, ensuring it would make as much power as safely possible. The result? At 17 psi, Steve's Saleen Mustang puts out 632 hp and 611 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels.

While Steve's Mustang is certainly impressive underneath the hood, the most important part of the car is actually in the trunk. He had been suffering from survivor guilt since coming home from Iraq, and Jason Cenora suggested that Steve create a memorial in the trunk to honor his comrades killed in the line of duty.

"I was hesitant at first, wondering how I could possibly honor them properly in the trunk of the car," he told us. "After consulting with my wife and Captain Mike Riley, I realized that memorializing them would help bring me closure."

Jason helped Steve create the memorial, lining the entire trunk with black suede, and writing out the names and ages of his sixteen fallen comrades in silver stitching, along with a brief narrative explaining the memorial. The trunk also contains some challenge coins and a dagger, presented to Steve by his wife.

Those that see the car-the trunk especially-immediately realize Steve's Mustang is special, regardless of its performance. Most, however, will never realize what the car means to him. "It probably saved my life and my marriage," he tells us. "Driving and detailing the car was just the release I needed."

For now, with the exception of a few minor upgrades, Steve's Saleen Mustang is complete. "I'm looking forward to enjoying it with my family, taking it to shows, and passing it down to my son someday," he says. Despite the car being finished, he might once again catch the bug as a Grabber Blue '11 Mustang GT is next. This car, however, will always have a special place in his heart.