Michael Johnson Associate Editor
October 1, 2004
Photos By: Steve Turner

Tim gave Jim a date to come and pick up the car, and Tim and the MV crew worked their butts off to have everything done on time. While driving through West Virginia to pick up the car, Jim received a call from Tim at midnight just to see how his trip was going. It was snowing at the time, but Jim appreciated that kind of service from Tim. He also appreciated the work that went in getting the car done on time.

So what was Jim's first reaction when he saw the car? "It was exactly what I wanted," Jim says. Tim had said the car was nice, but Jim hadn't seen photos of the car's exterior, so he had no idea what it looked like. Jim said even the color was exactly what he had in mind.

Now that Jim has made a few passes in the car, he says there's a definite increase in power over his Cobra. "Things come a lot quicker in this car. Of course, pulling the wheels 2-3 feet in the air the first race of the year put an ear-to-ear smile on my face." One of the biggest things that Jim recalls is that the car had zero test passes on it, and for it to pull the wheels and go straight down the track the way it did was amazing to him. "I think Tim and the MV crew know a thing or two about building race cars," he says.

While Jim admits he has had to catch up with the car's performance right off the bat, he calmly says nines won't be far off.

Block 4.6 Cobra aluminum
Displacement 285 ci
Rotating Assembly Cobra crank,
ModMax Racing rods, Ross
pistons, ModMax piston rings
Cams Stock
Heads Scott Milner-ported '99-up
PI Two-Valve heads, Crower
Intake Bullitt
Throttle Body Bullitt
Mass Air Pro-{{{M}}} 80mm
Power Adder ATI-ProCharger
P-1SC2 supercharger
Fuel System Weldon 2035 fuel
pump and regulator, steel braided fuel
lines, UPR fuel rails, FRPP 50-lb/hr
Exhaust FRPP headers,
Bassani X-pipe, Bassani mufflers
Transmission Pro Motion Powertrain-prepped Tremec T5,
Ram VDS clutch, Pro-5.0 shifter
Rearend 8.8, Moser spool,
Moser 33-spline axles, 4.30 gears